Cita del dia

Del que he llegit avui, m'ha cridat l'atenció aquest fragment:



"There are things you don't understand," I said. "I have no intention of summoning my daughter back. I may long for her but I don't want her here. That is why it is called longing. It has to go a long way. To the ends of the earth."
To his credit, he was not deflected by this nonsense.

"Age of Iron", J. M. Coetzee


Estatut estacionari

"Shit," said the Sheriff. "These guys are using taxpayers' money to test all the urine comes out of Wally Immelmann's place? You'll be telling me next they've got this satellite in statutory orbit over Wilma." He stopped and looked in horror up into the sky. "Could be reading the letters on my badge."
"I think the word is "stationary". Stationary orbit. You said "statutory orbit"."
Sheriff stallard turned his glazed eyes on his Deputy. He was beginning to feel quite mad. "Stationary, Baxter, stationary it can't be. Wilma's moving at around three thousand miles an hour. Has to because that's the speed the world goes round. Something like that. You can work it out. The world goes round once a day and the circumference is twenty-four thousand miles. So twenty-four goes into twenty-four thousand a thousand times. Work it out yourself. Well, if you've got a satellite out there squatting over Wilma... no, not squatting, let's cut the squatting. I don't want to think about that again. It's up there even further out than Wilma, and Wilma's way out enough for me the way those guys are acting, that baby has to be moving even faster just to keep up. Right?" Baxter nodded. "Good. So when I said "statutory" I mean "satutory". This operation has to be costing millions. So it's got to be statutory. Washington's approval. And who's been talking about cutting the Federal deficit?"

"Wilt in Nowhere", Tom Sharpe